RX lenses


You may feel that tinted or coloured lenses are essential for you. They generally help those wearers who suffer from light sensitivity or those exposed to the glare from bright sunlight.

Photo Chromatic

Lenses that change colour depending on light conditions. They 'react' to your environment.

Mirrored lenses

Very effective in bright sunlight as they filter ultra and infra-red better than a tinted lens.

Polarised and Polaroid lenses

Laminated with a polarised filter, effectively reducing the glare of reflection from smooth surfaces. They are perfect for all water sports such as fishing, sailing etc.

Making a decision on the right lenses for your needs can be a little perplexing. This is where our fully trained team comes in, advising and guiding you to make it all as clear as possible.

All lenses are made from three main materials - Glass, Plastic, Trivex® & Polycarbonate – each with their own advantages in terms of clarity of vision and lifestyle. Plastic lenses are lighter and more comfortable, while glass lenses are more scratch resistant but heavier and easier to break.

If you need lenses with high power, you no longer have to worry about the thickness of the lenses. High index materials allow the lenses to be made thinner and lighter. Coatings can be added to radically increase the longevity of a pair of spectacles or sunglasses. These include:

  • Scratch Resistance Coating
  • Anti reflection coating
  • Super Anti reflection coating