Why You Need an Eye Test

Our expert team of optometrists at Optica recommends you get your eyes tested every 6 months to 1 year in order to pick up any slight changes in your vision and adjust your prescription before it really affects you.

Here are a few red flags that indicate you need to come in for an eye test straight away:

  • Checking your email gives you a headache
  • You see things in double
  • When you confuse colours (e.g. not being able to tell greens from reds)
  • You flunked your vision test when renewing your driver’s license
  • You can’t read the newspaper properly, even with reading glasses on
  • You trip over steps or gutters, even when your shoelaces are done up
  • Everything’s glary, even in normal lighting
  • Your night vision is particularly bad
  • Your eyes feel sore or red
  • If you are a longstanding diabetes and hypertension patient, you may experience sudden changes in vision since these health disorders affect sight as well

If any of the symptoms above sound familiar, it’s best to come in for an expert opinion. You can refer to The Steps to a Complete Eye Test to know what to expect from an eye test at Optica.