Eye Problems and Diseases


There are a number of eye health conditions that can affect you throughout your life but if diagnosed early, they can be treated and managed successfully. The most common of these are:

Or 'things look a little bit blurry'.

THE CONDITION: Astigmatism is not an eye disease and does not in any way mean you have 'bad eyes', just that in most instances you have a different shaped cornea. It's extremely common.

THE SIGNS: People with undetected astigmatism often experience headaches, fatigue, eyestrain and blurred vision at all distances. While these symptoms may not necessarily be the result of astigmatism, you should schedule an eye exam if you are experiencing one or more symptoms.

THE SOLUTION: A slight degree of astigmatism may not require corrective lenses. However, if it's great enough to cause things like blurry vision or headaches, you'll need prescription glasses and/or contact lenses.